Storytelling in Pictures - Documentary Wedding Photography

Documentary Wedding Photography Derbyshire

Documentary Wedding Photography, sometimes known as Reportage Wedding Photography, is the most natural and relaxed way of getting pictures. It’s so popular that more people want this kind of wedding photography than the traditional form our parents experienced.

Documentary Wedding Photography should be unobtrusive, discreet and shot with a fly-on-the-wall approach. Having worked as a photojournalist for many years this is a style I am particularly comfortable and experienced in – and I feel very privileged to tell the story of my clients’ most joyful day.

Documentary Wedding Photography Nottingham

My approuch is both natural and unobtrusive giving a raw and detailed documentation of your wedding day as it happens rather than fabricating it. I actively encourage you and your guests to forget I'm even there.  

Shooting mainly with available light (rather than flash) enables me to capture the atmosphere and be more discreet. The Canon pro cameras I use allow me to work under very low light, which means that flash need only be used sparingly to avoid intrusion. This gives the pictures a real-life feel, while enabling me to capture every moment magnificently. 

Many couples who book tell me they hate having their photograph taken and I completely understand this -  as I hate it too!  That’s how I came to be the one behind the camera in the first place.  I want everyone to be themselves, enjoy the party with friends and family and I'll never ask people to do things that will make them feel awkward. 

My overall aim is to provide the bride and groom with a stunning collection of images which represent their true memories of the day - and all the other bits they were too busy to notice!